Paper Airplane Fun & How To

1st Oct 2012




My mum  brought this book a couple of  Christmas ago for her class, When teaching year 4  she used to host a paper airplane competition to teach the children about air flow ect and they went into the hall and each got to test out their creations. I did it with her one year and remember it being one of the children favorite days.

She gave me the book two weeks ago and I have been working my way though it. I am loving all the different types of planes (who knew!)  and the cool paper you get inside to use. Milo is loving chasing the planes I have be swooping around the house.

The book is called The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes by Doug Stillinger

Today I have made the Head Hunter plane and hear is my step by step of how to from the book.


To start – Fold half of the paper in lengthwise and then unfold.

1. Fold the edges in to the centre fold line you have just made

2. Fold the top to corner down and over to the top edges now sit on the centre crease.

3. Put your finger on the crossed were all the edges meet and then with your other hand pull the bottom big flap out and over.

4. Flip it over.

5. Fold the the top side over to the bottom and fold the big flap on this side.

6. Open it up and lay flat.

7. Place a ruler 1 inch below the small triangle flap.

8. Fold.

9. Fold the point up to the top edge, crease and then fold back down.

10. Put the top right corner to the middle of the two creases made by your last folds, do the same with the top left corner.

11. Fold the point back up.

12. Flip it over.

13. Fold it in half.

14. Place a ruler as it shows in the 2nd photo below and then fold the wing down.

15. Do the same on the other side.

16. Finally pull the plane out so it looks like this from the back.



Happy flying


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