Off on my holibobs

23rd Aug 2013


So much to do.

Today I’m getting ready for a Chocolate making party in Hook and wedding entertainment booking in Charlwood tomorrow and then we have some more wedding enteritnment on Sunday. I have my fingers crossed for some sun for all the brides & grooms this weekend.

I am also packing Milo up to go and stay with my parents for two weeks 🙁 and trying to get some of my own suitcase packed. As well as searching for the camera, changing some money, putting together some party bags , getting dog food and the other 100 things I have forgotten to remember.

Because….. on Monday we are off to Melbourne for two weeks! Eeek. This will be the longest holiday I have ever been on and the and furthest I have travelled. I guess you cant really get much further can you. We have friends who moved back to OZ last summer after 5 years in London and we are off to stay with them and do a little costal road trip.

I’m very excited although it does not seen quite real. I’m also feeling quite strange about the fact I will be leaving Milo for so long, although I’m sure he wont notice as he will have my parents dog to play with/ terrorise. I will also be leaving the party phone (no phone for two weeks!) as Stevie is looking after Buttons for me while I’m  away.

My to-do list is getting a bit shorter and bar a few who are on holiday I have talked to everyone who has a party on while I’m away, I like to go over the final bits and bobs so they feel reassured and to let them know Stevie will be in touch again closer to the party.

Apart from one week last January and a few days here and there I have worked 7 days a week for the last two years so I really am looking forward spending some quality time with Mr Kelly and having a few cocktails!

I will then be very excited to come back to work in September and go full steam ahead with tons of exciting things we have in the pipe line for the end of the year.

The blog will be a bit quite for the next two weeks but I have lots of plane time (!) to plan the next few months blog so I look forward to posting when I get back.


Ellie 🙂


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