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5th Apr 2016


When is the right time to start decorating a babies room?

I guess there is no answer to that and it’s personal preference. Part of me wants to go mad and start looking for and making lots of lovely bits and the other half (the one that is superstitious) doest want to start to soon.

Wiggle, as she is currently known, is due at the end of June which is ages away but when I look at all the stuff we have to do before (and buy!) I feel like it going to come around really quickly.

I have been adding to my Pintrest board for a while now and I thought I would pick out my favourite pin’s and gather them up to create a nice clear view of what I’m looking for, the colours I would like to use and make a ‘to make/ find list’

We are trying not to go crazy and spend a fortune getting the room ready and so far so good. We have my old cot that my parents kept, a Moses basket given to us by a friend and a chair. We just need to get a chest of draws that will also work as a changing table, a rug and then all the other little lovely bits to make it feel special like a lamp shade, a mobile and bunting and I plan on making all of those.

The main colours will be soft green, purpley pink and blue as below and the theme will be clouds and hot air balloons.

Do you have any top tips on what to get for a nursery?


Baby's Room - Pin

Etsy   –  Photo by me   –   Amber Packer 


Baby Room - pin 2

Adore Magazine   –  Etsy

Baby's Room - Pin3

Etsy  –  Etsy 




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