Nursery Décor

20th Apr 2015



Hi! It’s me, Rachel, again!

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite nursery décors based around the very fashionable, colour grey. The beauty of this gender neutral hue is not only its calming effect (and let’s face it we could all do with that in a nursery!) but you can team it with most colours to personalise it to you and your baby. We decorated the nursery before Jack was born and before knowing his gender, so I decided on a base of white & grey with yellow & teal accents alongside a woodland theme. His nursery was ready to welcome either a boy or a girl and looked great, if I dare say so myself! I love the pastel ribbon garland & the hot air balloons in the girly room below… too cute.


Nursery Decor Image link

Nursery Decor

Image Link

Nursery Decor

Image 1 link  Image 2 link Image 3 link


Rachel x

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