#noTVtuesday – Weaving project

28th Jan 2016

Wall Weaving

We have tried to have a night with no TV before but it didn’t really stick. I’m determined to do it this time as we spend way to much of our time just flopped on the sofa watching shows.

So Tuesday evening in the Kelly house are now TV free.

I have a few little projects in mind for around the house but I decided to start with a weaving make. I was looking into weaving for a children’s event Buttons is doing in April and once I started looking into the little projects the kids could do I thought I would take a look at bigger wall weaving art.

I am a member of Creative Bug, have you heard of it? Its an amazing monthly subscription craft site that has 100’s of how to videos from water colouring to making jewellery and weaving to paper craft.

I will come back and do a little blog all about it. If you love doing all sorts of crafts then you should definitely take a look.

Anyway I found a weaving for beginners tutorial on it and set about making my loom with the help of Mark on Tuesday night and I’m off.

Wall Weaving

Wall Weaving

I’m doing quite a simple striped pattern with four colours. We haven’t really thought about colours for the babies room yet but I had this type of thing in my head so it might go in there or our room when I’m done. If it’s any good that is!

I was awake in the middle of the night last night and realised I have finished one of the lines of in the wrong way. As you do. Other than that it’s all been pretty easy so far. I got all the loom set up from the tutorial but im sure this can be googled or will be on youtube if you fancy a go. You can use a canvass frame which is really handy as Mark paints so we have tons of these under beds, sofas and in the loft.

I will do an update in a few weeks when I have done a bit more.


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