Nahar’s Pirate Party

18th Jul 2012


At the start of the year I took a drive to Weybridge to meet a lovely family whose son’s birthday party we had been discussing over the phone and via email. I took with me my pirate chest and treasure map. Can you guess the theme?!

On Saturday it was the party. Buttons provided entertainment in the form of a pirate adventure, balloon modelling and face painting as well as themeing the venue, supplying party boxes for take home gifts and sourcing a pirate cake and pirate cookie pops. When you have been working on a party for this long there are always some nerves on the day that everything will go to plan.

However I am very pleased to say it did! We had 45 minutes to style the venue (I normally have two hours) but due to the pre-booked party in before us this was what we had to work with. We had planned everything so we could get it all done in time and I had been to the venue before so I knew what I had to work with.

I had the lovely Stevie and Rachel with me and we finished everything just in time – but as a note-to-self it takes longer then you’dthink to blow up a palm tree, monkey, parrot and treasure chest, even with an electric pump!

The kids were great on our adventure and so much fun, we chased lions and monkeys, sailed a pirate shop and recovered the treasure from the baddies’ cave. The baddies smelled like old socks and cabbage by the way – that part of the story was made up by the kids and not me!





These amazing cookie pops are by Ewa at Little Bites.


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