My talk with 130 6th formers at L.V.S

11th Sep 2013


I’m back!

What an amazing holiday. I am going to share some pic’s on Friday but today I have something else to share with you while it’s fresh in my mind.

You may have seen on facebook or twitter that today I was going back to my school to talk to the 6th form about my journey after school and how I got to where I am.

I went to L.V.S in Ascot. It was a great school and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to attend from year 5 to 13. My parents sent me and my brother there because we are both dyslexic and this school specialises in helping dyslexics and recognises our needs. My parents are/ were both teachers so it was quite important to them.

After getting in contact with them at the start of this year I was invited to talk at one of there fortnightly lecture slots today. Now, I got back from the other side of the world on Monday, and although I was not going to turn this opportunity down I  have been a tad worried about my state of mind.


LVS Tlak


I decided to do something a bit fun at the start just to get them engaged which they liked. I blew up a giant balloon (with air not helium) and wrote key words all over it that related to me. I then sent it out to the audience and they had to bounce it around while taking note of the words. They then shouted them out and I told them what each word related to in my life.


LVS talk


I’m not to sure how it went really but the teachers said it was good and that they didn’t chatter at all which is always a good sign. They answerd questions and event laughed once or twice! Go me. So I guess it was ok. I’m really glad I did it because I was quite interested to see if I could and I found out I can.

I hope they took something out of it. My main messages were to think and look at their attitudes to situations, work your ass off and go for something you love.

I will leave you with the video I left them with at the end.

I love this.






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