Mixing Party Themes

3rd Mar 2016


What to do when you have a joint birthday party and the children would like different themes.

Just go with it I say.

In an ideal world twins, siblings or friends sharing a party would like the same theme or aren’t fussed about a theme at all but in reality that’s not always the case.

We have entertained at or themed quite a few parties with two themes and some have a natural link like Fairies and Pirates or Princesses and Knights but this is not always the case.

Last weekend we were organising a party for two twin boys aged 4. One loves Knights and one loves Dinosaurs. Of course Knights and Dragons would have been a more natural fit but if the boy loves Dinosaurs then that’s that.

Knights dnd Dino


I plan parties to ensure the birthday children and their friends have a fantastic time and do all I can to ensure the process and party is as stress free as possible for the parents. And with this in mind my OCD side steps out of the way and I’m happy to mix up any themes.

There are of course ways to ensure two different themes don’t really clash and make your party room look like an over stocked party shop.

For the Knights and Dino party I picked two main colours that fitted both themes which was Green & Blue and then added some pops of red. I sourced all the table wear to fit these colours and then found Knights and Dinosaur themed napkins, balloons, bunting and decorations to fit in these colours.

The boys loved pointing out the different items in the room such as the giant Dinosaur and Knight as well as the little dinosaurs on the table or shields on the wall and each got their own themed balloon by their party chair and to take home.

Take a look at our before and after party room video to see


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