Mini Olympians & Sweets

27th Jul 2012


We did it again, this time though we had a few rules. No Sand, no long walk to the set up spot and absolutely no fog!

Well we got two out of three. We still manged to pick a spot a mile away from where the car was. Must work on that one for next time or suffer many more bruises.

Myself and the lovely Kate Griffin from Kate Griffin Photography had an Olympic plan.

After a few meetings (over chunky chips this time) we had our plan for a Olympic themed party. On our list: a group of fab kids, a sweet table set on the edge of a tree line, yummy sweets, old style games like the sack, egg and spoon and the three legged race and medals for all the winners.

I worked on the theming and games and Kate not only contacted lots of lovely mums via facebook, twitter and her past clients to see if their children would like to be part of an Olympic party she also captured the whole party with her super photographic skills.

And so the date was set and a couple of weeks ago had an Olympic party in the wild (woodland near Guildford for those over 10). If I forget the trauma of getting my antique bureau to the location the whole things went just as we had hoped if not better! The rain stayed away, 13 excited children arrived with there mums to be lead to the party location and the mums guarded the sweetie table while the kids were little olympians for the afternoon.

We wanted everything to have a natural feel about it so none of these new fangled brightly coloured sacks with faces on, we had hessian sacks, real eggs, old spoons and ribbon for the three legged race. We also used an antique bureau for the sweet table, I fell in love with this bureau the moment I saw it. I am a BIG fan of small draws.  Now this sweet display had to have the Olympic rings, but I didn’t want to get caught up in some legal battle so I made a homage to them with lovely card fans.

Olympic Sweets

Childrens party sweet table


Olympians are you ready?


Children's Olympic Party

Childrens Olympic Party


As every good little Olympian knows you need to start with some warm ups.


Olympic games party

Olympic Games


Once we were all warmed up it was time for The Games to Comence! We started with the good ol egg and spoon race.


Childrens egg and spoon race

Olympic Games Childrens Party


What a race!

The passing was superb and the egg control, world class in this heat. The Olympians should be very proud of their efforts.

Next with a stomp of the feet and swing of the arms, we move over to the sack race track where the team will be competing head to head and jumping with joy.


Children's egg and spoon race


Well it would have be rude not to show them how is done 😉


Childrens sack race


Go team cool kids! What a show.

Next is a race full of giggles, when your attached to someone else and your both on a mission, its hard not to laugh and even harder to stay on your feet.


Three legged race


What a great aftenroon of games!

But before it was time to rade the sweet table, the children had one last challenge. To find their winners medals in the wood.



Role up, Role up It’s sweetie table time.


Party candy table


Well…….any good party planner will tell you, you have to do a taste test first.


childrens party sweets


I really hope you all enjoyed reading about and seeing the photos from our Olympic party. We had a great time with the kids and as ever Kate did an amazing job at capturing all the fun and fab moments.

I big thank you has to go to my partner in parties Kate for doing these mad things with me, to Mr Kelly for carrying all the equitment from car to location, Stevie my party lady for helping to ensure the kids all had a great time, all the mums for being cool and leting their kids join in and of course the children who were a delight to work and party with!

Go team GB!!!











4 Responses to “Mini Olympians & Sweets”

  1. You should be so proud! Buttons Parties that is the sweetest party I have ever seen! Bravo to you!

  2. Roz says:

    The children are having an absolute blast – I bet they slept extremely well afterwards! Love the antique bureau and fans instead of Olympic rings, and the drawers of sweets look gorgeous. Great moments captured at a fabulous day. Well done!

    • elliekelly says:

      Hi Roz, thank you so much for your comments. We had a great day and I was really pleased with the effect of the fans on the sweetie table. Got to start planning the next one now 🙂

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