Miller Ark Animals – So cute your head might pop off

29th Mar 2013



As you may have read, Buttons had a farm themed party last weekend and so of course needed some bales to style the venue with.  A little message on facebook and Chloe from Farnham Mummies suggested I talk to Miller Ark Animals in Odiham, Hook.  One of the many reasons I love Social Media.

I gave Millers Ark a call and a few days later arrived to collect 4 bales. It was 10am and it looked like feeding time to me. Milo had come along for the ride and when I pulled in to the farm court yard so we could load the car his little puppy face was a picture. “What in the name of squeaky toys are all these things” …..he seemed to say.

We were surrounded by ducks, lambs, sheep, horses (big and small), goats, donkeys and a dozen other cute animals. It took a lot of will power to keep to the task in hand rather then dropping my side of the bale and throwing myself into a pen for a cuddle. I may have even let out an involuntary squeak.

I am sucker for cute animals.


Little Lambs

Little Lambs

fluffy friends

fluffy friends


I got chatting to the staff when I dropped the bales back on Monday and they are open to the public today (yep grab those wellies, throw on your coat and head out the door), Easter Sunday and Monday 10.30am – 3.30pm. For more information you can pop over to there facebook page here or there website here.


I wish you all a fantastic Easter holiday with family lunches, crafting, walks in the spring sun (hum) and tons of chocolate.





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  1. Emma Carr says:

    Thank you for your great blog, the comments and the fab photos! I work at the farm and just love arriving to find baby goats under my desk! Spread the word as with people like yourselves, the gorgeous little animals get lots of cuddles.
    Kind regards

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