Mermaid party styling

29th Jun 2012


Towards the start of the year Buttons Children’s Parties got a call and I was asked by a lovely mum called Tanya to host her daughter’s birthday entertainment and to make the area where the children would eat look special. The theme Mermaids.

The plan was for the party to be in the family garden in Bletchingly and the party food served in a white gazebo. But, as has happened so many times already this summer, the weather had different ideas. Not to worry though, there was a lovely big hall just down the road which Tanya had reserved just in case and birthdayDad was a star and put the gazebo up inside on the morning of the party.

Why the gazebo in the hall? Well my biggest battle when styling a party is the room/ hall I am in. Styling works better in a small area with a plainbackground. Gazebos, marquees, white walls, lots of light, a plain floor or carpet or a smallseparate room for the food are all great. I had designed and made the mermaid props to hang from the gazebo poles andto lose this effect would have been a real shame.

My main plan for the theme was stunning sea colours, turquoises, coral, pinks and blues. Fun with sand on the tables and lots of shells. A back drop to the food table where the cake and cupcakes would be.

This is the end result.


Children's Mermaid Party

Children's Mermaid Party

Mermaid themed party table

Mermaid themed party table

Mermaid food table

Mermaid themed party table

I have worked with a company called chillistick before, they are suppliers of dry ice and more importantly designers of amazing dry ice gadgets. I thought the children would love having their food on a table swimming with white fog. I was right, when the cake was brought out for dessert I placed two jars filled with blue pebbles, glass ice cubes and water on the table and added the dry ice with an ice pour.

The children were instructed not to put there hands in the jars but they could play with the fog on the tables. They LOVED it. Some may say dry ice at a children party is a bit ott but I say no way. It will not fit in at most parties but this was the perfect place for it, its fun and a great intro to the world of science and its magic.

Dry Ice

This lovely cake and cupcakes were supplied by Cake! by Vicki – don’t they look great! I love the fishes. Tanya had a few cup cakes left over and I could not say no, so myself and Mr K had them that evening and we can both give them a big yumm.

Mermaid themed party table

All images by Kate Griffin.

Have a great weekend everyone, I’m off to get ready for the weekends parties. We have two fun & games parties, one Decopatch and one Bath Bomb making party! Can’t wait



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