Mermaid Party – a creative client

14th Aug 2013


A few weeks ago on the 3rd August I was entertaining at a party in Staines for Evie’s 3rd birthday. The theme was under the sea with an emphasis on mermaids for the birthday girls love of Ariel.

When I arrived at the Hythe Centre (great venue by the way) the hall was buzzing with activity and all around me jelly fish and bunting were being hung, a themed dessert table being laid and fishes being given a home.

It turns out Evie’s mum Kathryn has her own bunting making businessblog, Etsy shop and is super creative so she had put tons of effort in to theming the venue and all the little touches that I love about children’s parties.

With Kathryn’s permission I took some photos to share with you all. Enjoy.


Mermaid Party

Mermaid Party




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