Magic Bubbles

16th Jul 2012


You may think that I am a bit obsessed with bubbles, and you’d be right! haha I love them.

I have been using some new bubbles for the last few weeks and wanted to tell you about them. I found them at Hobbycraft where they are called Magic Bubbles but you can also get them from Amazon where they are called Touchable Bubbles. I like to tell the kids they are Magic. They are around £1.99 per tube and I think I will get around 7 parties out of each tube.

You blow the bubbles up high and they float down nice and slowly, by the time they have reached the kids hands they have done their magic and the bubbles can be caught with out popping. We have competitions on who can catch the most. I think the top score is 13 at the moment.


I got one!


I got loads!


2 Responses to “Magic Bubbles”

  1. Sarah says:

    Those bubbles sound amazing, I can never quite believe how much kids loves bubbles at parties. I love your take on parcel the parcel in one off your previous posts, we used a variation we found on we didn’t have sweets in the layers either and it worked out so much quicker

    • elliekelly says:

      Hi Sarah, The magic bubbles are so cool but as you said any kind of bubbles are always a big hit with the kids! Thank you for your comment on my pass the parcel blog, I’m glad you have found that not putting sweets in the layers helps as well. It’s the only way I play it now and it’s as popular as ever Ellie 🙂

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