Lovely feedback from the Buttons staff

21st Oct 2013


We get tons of lovely emails, facebook messages, cards and text messages from happy mums, dads and clients to say thank you for their Buttons party. You can see some here. This is so lovely, it really puts a smile on all of our faces and I make sure all the team gets to see them.

Today however is about the lovely feedback I get from the team on our clients!

When you mange a group of lovely people and you are sending them off to people houses, halls and venues you do worry for them a tiny bit. I hope they don’t get stuck in traffic (I know how stressful this can be), that the venue is easy to find, that they get a warm welcome and that as well as delivering an exceptional party they also have lots of fun.

I am so pleased that we have such lovely clients and that my worry is always unnecessary!

Everyone always lets me know how parties have gone at the end of the weekend and these are a few of the messages I have received from the Buttons team over the last few months.


“I LOVE my job, one of the best parties ever today. They birthday girl was so cute”

“Just wanted to let you know the party was lovely today, possibly the cutest I’ve done and a lovely family”

“Lovely party Ellie, What a fab family!”

“Hiyyyaaaaa, party went really well today, lots of people asking for cards and we had great fun!”


Happy days 🙂


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