Look what arrived

3rd Jun 2013


A few weeks ago I posted in Eye Spy…. about Rachael from Pink, Blue & You and her lovely photomontages.

Well…Ours has arrived.

Lots of excitement in the Kelly house, unwrapping it and testing out places for it to go in the living room. I don’t think Milo was so fussed as it doesn’t taste like chicken or roll like a ball, but myself and Mark are delighted!

The colours fit in with our living room perfectly and the shades and contrasts are just what we were looking for. It’s so nice to have all our precious and funny snaps off our phones and on display.


Pink Blue & You

Pink Blue & You


Thank you Rachael, It’s perfect!

If your at all stuck for a gift (fathers day, birthday, or in fact anything) I would highly recommend taking a look at the Pink Blue & You site for some gift inspiration.



P.S Did you hear we are set for a sunny week!!






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