Live at 8pm tonight

5th Dec 2012


Happy 5th December everyone!

+ we have SNOW!!!!


I was invited a few weeks ago by the lovely Rosie from LoveLuxe Blog to appear on one of her hangouts. I think my tweet reply was something along the lines of “YES, please I would LOVE to!”

I had heard a bit about the new feature from Google/ Youtube and was so exited to see the way Rosie was using to bring bloggers, experts in their field and creative friends together to talk about subjects close to her heart.

My invite was for today’s Hangout, so at 8pm tonight I will be chatting live with Rosie, Kate Griffin from Kate Griffin Photography and Emily Quinton from Emily Quninton Photography. Myself and Emily will be talking about how to make Christmas even more magical for Children and Kate will be chatting about Christmas family Photo shoots and offering some tips of the trade.

I would love it if you could pop on to Rosie blog at 8pm to join us in our Hangout (I’ll be passing around mulled wine!) and join in with the live tweets at #loveluxechristmas throughout the chat.

If you have any questions you would like me to answer on the hangout (we will give you a shout out) do pop them below or tweet me. I will be talking about family traditions, great crafts and games for the kids and top tips for making Christmas even more magical.

See you later!  




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