Lego Ninjago Party

4th Aug 2015


We have been doing quite a few Lego themed parties over the last few months and not just your standard Awesome Lego either. We now also have The Legend of chima and Lego Ninjago as well.

I have some Ninjago ideas and inspiration for you below.

What to know: Sensei Wu is the Master of Spinjitzu and a goodie. Garmandon is his evil brother who was banished to the underworld. The four Ninja’s Sensei Wu is traning are Jay who represents Lightning, Kai who is fire, Cole Earth and Zane ice. Lloyd who joins later is Garmandon’s son but a goodie.

Colours:  There are five main colours to use for a Lego Ninjago party and they are the colures of the Ninja’s. Jay is Blue, Cole is Black, Zane is White, Kai is red and then Lloyd is green and comes later in the story.

Invitations: You can quite easy make your own for this theme but there is also lots of help out there from sites such as Etsy where you can by printable invitations. Here is some inspiration.

Ninjago invitations

 Link to images from Pintrest

Venue Decorations: Think Ninja, Chinese symbols, fortunate cookies and the colours mentioned above. Decorating a big room or hall can be overwhelming so pick areas to decorate and make features off, rather than tackle the whole room. The party table will make a great statement in the room and then balloons and banners are a great way to go. Some inspiration from pintrest for you. I love the homemade balloons.

Ninjago venue decs

 Food: As well as all the party food favourites why not add in some themed items as well. A themed cake will be a highlight for your little Ninja.

Ninjago food

Activities & Games: When putting on a themed games party I like to mix some tradionla games with themed. That way even if all the kids aren’t really into the chosen theme they will still have tons of fun and understand the games. Some fab games for this theme that I have played with children aged 5-7 are:

Ninja moves: Start with lessons to get the children warmed up.

Sensei Wu says: Just like Simon says, this is a great for an after food game to get the kids back into the party

Kai’s obstacle course: I set up a series of obstacles like a crawl tunnel (the underworld), hoops (Ninja hop), wooden plank and ball on a spoon that the children need to get though. At the end is a big bucket full of soft play balls (shrine of the shurikens) and the children have to dig around inside for a star and then take it back to the start.

Master of the Fire Sword: One child sits on a chair with a blindfold on and a sword of some description (I use a red balloon sword) underneath it. All the other child line up at the other side of the room and if they want a turn at getting the fire sword must put there hand up. I point to one of them to indicated their turn and they have to creep forward to get the sword from under the masters chair. If the master hears and points directly at them they have to go back, but if they do not then they get to take over position as master and guard the sword.


Party Gifts: Get creative with your party bags. You can easily theme some coloured paper bags with the Ninjago eyes that can be printed from the internet and then add in some themed gifts like fortune cookies and Ninja headband or black belt.

Ninjago party bags

 link to all images from Pintrest

Have fun!

Ellie x


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