#LastingChange – International Woman Day

7th Mar 2014



You may remember that last year there was a secret thing all over twitter and the blogging world in February. It was the trip that Mummy Barrow aka T, Mammasaurus aka Annie and Penny from the Alexander Residence (aka, Team Honk) all took to Ghana.

I was lucky enough to get a digital postcard from them last year (which you can see here) and be a tiny part of there amazing trip.

Well this year there was no build up, no secret thing. Just a tweet and blog post on the 3rd March.

Tanzania Bound.


The aim is to raise money and awareness for Comic Relief. To celebrate international women’s day #iwd2014 (which is tomorrow). The ladies are in Tanzania finding out how donations to Sport Relief last year has created female entrepreneurs and #lastingchange for women, their families and communities and beyond.

As a female entrepreneur I was so excited to hear about this and have been reading the tweets and blogs with great interest. I have a new post card sent over from the team and some information kindly provided to by Annie.

Please let me introduce you to Claudia.


making soap

“Claudia is an inspirational 54 year old mother and grandmother who, with support from The Gatsby Trust has turned a her hobby of soap making  into a profitable business. A year ago when Claudia  first starting receiving support for TGT she was producing 20 litres of liquid soap a month, selling to friends and family. Now, just one year on Claudia produces 3,000 litres per month, employs two people and she not only sells to friends,  family and local community but also supplies products to hotels and shops. Claudia, like the other women we’ve been meeting on our trip, spends time training other women both locally and in further afield”


If you would like to get involved please pop on to twitter and RT, share and support any updates with the #lastingchange hashtag.

@Britmums also have a #lastingchange twitter party on today from 1pm – 1.30pm so pop over and join in! You can also help create #lastingchange by sponsoring #teamhonkrelay for Sport Relief.




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