Keeping kids happy during Christmas Lunch

6th Dec 2012


Today is another blog about something I found at the Country living show in November. I have been meaning to blog about this for ages but I’m so glad I left it until today as I thought of a fab use for it.



This is a Doodlemat from Milly Green and I just had to get one as it would be really cute as a welcome sign to some of my themed parties. I’m going to pop some holes in it so I can hang it up.

However it is of course designed for children to doodle on. The perfect place for drawing, spelling and sums. The marker wipes of with your finger and does not leave any black hands (I know, I have tested it).

However after my live Hangout on the LoveLuxeBlog last night which was a bit scary but good fun.  You can pop over and watch me in my elf hat  chat with Rosie and three other lovely ladies if you like (after you have read this of course)

I thought of a even better use for it at this time of year. One of the questions was how to keep children happy at the dinner table during Christmas Lunch. Well I think one of these mats would be a fab present and an ideal thing to do just that during lunch!


What do you think?



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