Just an normal Saturday at St Pauls

16th Oct 2012


Firstly sorry this blog is late. I always blog on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday but with unpacking from the weekend, replying to emails and voice messages, getting Mr K some birthday presents and puppy class it was bed time before I knew it.

I thought I would tell you about what I got up to on Saturday. My weekends are unlike most peoples on a normal week but this weekend was a bit crazy.

People you need to know about – Sarah Kate is a friend from school, Emily is her sister who now lives in Australia and was getting married to an American in London on Saturday.

I was booked for Emily weddings some time ago and have been really looking forward to helping out the family. There were going to be a few children at the wedding and they wanted someone to keep them entertained and happy so the parents could relax and enjoy the day.

Last week Sarah Kate asked if I could go to the ceremony as well to look after her little boy Alex. She was the maid of honour and was worried Alex might start to cry and someone would need to whisk him out. Now I would have said yes anyway but seeing as the ceremony was to take place at St Paul Cathedral my yes was more of a “Are you crazy, YES I would love to!”

How amazing.


I spent quite a good amount of the ceremony wondering around the Cathedral as Alex was not a happy chap, after some stickers though he fell asleep and we sneaked back in. The ceremony room sat all 170 guests with room for more and was just stunning. After the ceremony the guests made there way though the stone passage ways though the main cathedral and out into a private gated courtyard.

I took a few snaps but I had one sleeping child and two dead arms by this point so they are not the best I’m afraid.


All the guests were taken to the reception in three red double decker buses. The reception was a One Great George Street and the room I had for the day was AMAZING. I took lots of toys, music, bubbles, books, crafts and a Peppa the pig DVD. We were sorted and I left London at around 8pm tired but with a big smile.



For more about Buttons Wedding packages take a look at the website or pop us an email.

More about my weekend on Wednesday – We have a Catwalk Party and Olympics Games party.



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