Just a few of the places we have partied

25th Mar 2014



I would say its about 50/50 between going to a venue that has been hired for a party and going to clients home.

We don’t mind either way and there are ups and downs to each option. I wrote a blog about booking a hall here if your interested In some tips.

Homes are familiar, don’t require packing the car and a drive, can provide the perfect space, have everything close close at hand for drinks and food and are free. But it can also mean a mega tidy before and after the party and a group of children who know that there are games upstairs in the bedrooms waiting to be played with.

Halls provide tons of space and no tidy up before and a minimum tidy afterwards, they usually have lots of parking and are not to familiar that the children can go digging around in all your boxes. You do need to hire them though and cart all the bits you need to them and home again.

We have been to hundreds and hundreds of venues in the last 2.5 years including, halls, homes, fire stations, listed building, clubs, woodlands, schools, corporate head offices, parks, beaches and gardens and I wanted to share some photos today of just a few of them that I have managed to snap along the way.

Some have totally taken my breath away and make forces my to pinch myself. I have often said under my breath ‘is this really where I’m working today?!’

2014-03-25_001 2014-03-25_002 2014-03-25_003 2014-03-25_004 2014-03-25_005 2014-03-25_006 2014-03-25_007


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