Introducing Flutterby BakeHouse

10th Dec 2012


Happy 10th of December everyone!

I was going to blog about my event on Saturday today but there were so many lovely people there that I want to mention, that I am putting it back to tomorrow so I have a bit more time.

So instead today I get to introduce you to Linda from Flutterby Bakehouse. I was entertaining at a winter wonderland, fairy party on the 1st December in Kew and the party mum had commissioned the most amazing cake! (see below) Well I just had to get in touch with the creator and then introduce her to you all.



When & why did you start Flutterby Bakehouse? (love the name by the way)

I started Flutterby (my daughter couldn’t say butterfly) Bakehouse last summer.  I started the business because I’ve only got two children……..  Which means only two birthday cakes a year!  Plus I wanted to share my knowledge (we do decorating classes) and teach people a skill for life. .

Did you train in sugar craft and if so where?

I studied Food Service Management in South Africa and did a little bit of sugarcraft but I would say my skills are mainly self taught and passed on from my mother and grandmother.

Do you have a favorites type of cake to make?

Children’s cakes – and preferably something different to the norm!  And my preference would always be to smother it in buttercream!

What areas does Flutterby cover?

At the moment I mainly bake for people in West London. I have had people coming from as far as Luton to collect a cake and people come from all over to attend my classes.



Aren’t they just amazing!

And as I got to take a bit of cake home I can tell you they taste as good as they look!





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