Innocent Drinks Party

22nd Dec 2013



I have loved Innocent drinks for as long as I can remember.

I love the range (their orange juice is simply the best), I love the branding, the story of how the company started, the founders clear dream of what they wanted to achieve and the company values.

So to say I was excited about heading up to Fruit Towers the December with Sarah & Phillipa is a little bit of an understatement. We were entertaining the little people of Fruit Towers (the staff’s children) for a few hours last week at their little peoples Christmas party.

We had bubbles, games, magic, balloon modelling, glitter tattoos, Santa was there and even a very special hocky cocky, as you do!

The office space was really cool, if you haven’t seen anything about it, the massive chill out area is covered is fake grass with picnic tables, an open plan kitchen and a glass wall that lets you see into the area where all the drinks are made and tested. The staff were super lovely and we even got to stay on for a glass of mulled wine and mince pie 🙂


Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic

Action shots

even the hocky cokcy





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