I’m back and it’s cold

5th Apr 2013


I write this blog with a bit of a pounding head after a 5 + hour drive from Anglesey, North Wales.

It looks like I left the sun behind on the way home and the heating hasn’t been on at home so it’s a bit chilly around the edges.

I had a lovely few days with my mum, ate to much chocolate and went on some lovely beach walks with the dogs. It is nice to be home though and have all my stuff around me. I find it hard working away from home and I have to be quite strict with myself so I do actually get some time to relax but then also ensure I do my emails in the morning and evening and make calls when I can. It’s a hard balance and it feels good to be getting some jobs ticked off the list this afternoon and getting ready for the weekends 5 parties.

We are all over the place this weekend, Stevie is being crafty tomorrow while myself and Laura Jane have lots of fun and games and then on Sunday is dancing, soft play and fingers crossed bouncy castles (in the sun, hummm).

All I can say is we better have a amazing summer this year!

I wish you all a lovely weekend and I leave you with some photos from my three days away


Sun, beachs and doggies waiting for treats

Sun, beachs and doggies waiting for treats


Newborough beach and snowy mountains

Newborough beach and snowy mountains





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