Ice Skate Party

22nd Dec 2013

Hello all,

It has been a little while and we have tons to catch up on!

This blog is about the Ice Skate party we had at the start of December in Ascot. It was for a repeat client and I loved the theme. It’s the first Ice Skate party I have done and I created a Pintrest page for the mum to give her some ideas on gifts, colours ect.


Ice Skate Party

Gloves  Biscuits  Hot Choc

The birthday girl wanted to do something crafty so I set myself a challenge (quite a big one) and suggested we made Ice Skate stocking’s after finding a this on the Spoonful website.

Ice Skate Stocking


The prep for this party was mega but with 18 little ones sewing you could not be to prepared. They did an outstanding job and I only wish I had had time to take a few snaps as they all looked so cute lined up on the table surrounded by tons of glitter and little hands.

This is one that I made as an example, I adjusted the original a bit to make it a bit easier for the children and at the end they all go to collect a bag of sweets from a amazing sweetie trolley and pop them in their stockings to take home. Super exciting!


Ice Skate Stocking



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