Ice cream themed party

24th Jul 2013


Last Monday we had a fantastic Ice cream themed party in Berkshire.

I had been looking forward to this party for ages and everyone involved had there fingers crossed for nice weather, well it could not have been better!

The venue was a stunning house with outside pool and barn, the birthday girl Poppy was celebrating her soon to be 3rd birthday and the menu, ice cream with lots of sprinkles and sauce!

Poppy’s mum had found a set of lovely Ice cream pintables on Esty and the party decorations and ice cream table were all pulled together to match there fun and colourful design.

Giant pinwheels lined the rote to the pool entrance steps and guests were greeted by a welcome sign and hanging paper pin wheels and honeycomb balls. (I wasn’t stood holding the sign the whole time though 🙂


Ice cream party

Ice cream party

Ice Cream Party

Ice Cream Party

Ice Cream Party

Ice Cream Party

Ice cream Party All photos are courtesy of the lovely Kate Griffin Photography


For the enteritnment children of course had tons of fun in the lovely pool while the parents could relax with a drink in the knowledge a lifeguard was on duty. Buttons greeted guests and talked the children though the party options, made giant bubbles for the children to catch in the pool and then hosted glitter tattoos and face painting.

The party gifts of course had to reflect the fantastic weather and fun party so each child went home with a sand bucket and spade, ice cream pinwheel, ice cream bubbles and fantastic, you guessed it ice cream themed cake pop.


For more information on our parties give me a call now on 07743 896987




6 Responses to “Ice cream themed party”

  1. lucy at dear beautiful says:

    I got sent to take a look at this by Capture By Lucy as we are throwing an ice cream themed party for our little girl in September. This has made me even more excited about it. It’s such a fun theme and all the little touches look great. x

    • elliekelly says:

      Hi Lucy, It’s a fab theme! Perfect for a children’s party and the little details it lends it’s self to are great. I hope you have a great party in September and I would love to see some pic’s. You can pop them on the facebook page if you like. Ellie 🙂

  2. Sarah Tracey says:

    This looks lovely, are the scoops custom made??

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