Ice Cream Party

3rd May 2013


In celebration of the sun shine I have some party inspiration for an Ice Cream themed party. Yum!


Ice Cream invite Party invite pintables from One Charming Party


Ice cream party Images from Amy Moss at eat drink chic

I love creating desserts and you cant get better than an ice cream bar! So many toppings and sprinkles to pick from and then you have the sauces and don’t forget the chocolate flake.



Kids Ice Cream Party Image form Mina from Mini Piccolini

These ice cream balloons from Mini Poccolini are so cute and would be really easy to make. I think a line of these on the backs of chairs would look lovely.


Kids Ice cream party Images from Kara’s Party Ideas

What an adorable ice cream van! Kara did this up her self ready for this shoot and it makes the most perfect back drop.


For help planning your child’s Ice Cream party give me a call or pop me an email.¬†Contact details¬†can be found on the Buttons site




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