I won an award – and it’s gold

1st Apr 2016


Myself and hubby went to the Surrey Digital Awards ceremony a few weeks ago as I was a finalist in the using video for business category.

Gold Award


I was honesty just going to meet some fellow business people that I know on social medial but have never met in person, have a nice meal and spend some time with hubby (that does not include a T.V).

All of the above happened and it was very nice. When it came to the video award at the end of the night I clapped away for the bronze and sliver winners thinking that if I was in fact going to get anything it would have been one of those. I literary could not believe it when I got gold. To the point it took me a few minuets to get out of my seat and then all I did was think oh god, I now have to walk to the stage and up the stairs and say something that make sense in fount of all these people.

It was all ok though, I didn’t fall over and I think I made sense.

This is the video that won me gold 🙂

Big thank you to everyone that helped create it!



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