How long is your list?

18th Feb 2013


I’m all of a dither. I had a party on Friday so keep thinking it’s Tuesday today.

I thought I would do a little blog on party invite lists and the different options. I know when it comes to how many children to invite to your child’s party it can be a bit of a minefield.

I had a whole mix of parties on the weekend, from my party on Friday that should have been 25 but turned out to be around 32, to a small gathering of 12 girls making chocolates and then yesterday myself and Stevie were entertaining 35+ children.

Now the type of party you are having will, in lots of cases determine the number of children you can invite. Here are some examples from my parties.

  • Fun & Games = 25 as a maximum for one entertainer and then with two we suggest a limit of 45
  • Adventure Story Parties = the same as above
  • Chocolate Making, Cupcake Decorating & Bath bombs = 12 for one entertainer and up to 25 for two
  • Decopatch Party = we recommend around 20 for one entertainer and then up to 30 for two

As you can see the numbers differ as the entertainment does. An example of why we have a maximum of 25 kids for one person during the Fun & Games and Adventures Story parties is below.

On Friday I was playing party games and making balloon models (no face painting thank goodness) and as I mentioned we were due 25 but had 32 children arrive. The party went well and the birthday mums & boys were really delighted so that’s all fantastic. From my point of view though, I know it would have been smoother if there were two of us. The balloons would not have taken as long as they did, there would have been someone on hand to make new ones when a couple popped and there would have been two of us to ensure all the children were having fun but also really engaged and focused on the party games. It can take a while to hand out 32 sweeties and to get all the children sitting where you need them so two pairs of hand is better than one.




Sometimes when I’m chatting to mums on the phone about parties I feel a bit bad when I say they are going to have to pay for a second entertainer as they have over 25 children. This weekend reminded me of why I do it. It’s to ensure that no matter the number of children you invite, the party entertainment will be the same. Fantastic!

Now I know sometimes you don’t have much of a say in how many children to invite. It can be a class thing,  your child has friends inside and outside school that need to come or it can be determined by the space you have either at home or at a venue. In case it helps though, these are my recommend numbers for age groups.

2 & 3 year old parties — 10 – 15 children is ideal as the whole thing can be a bit overwhelming at this age and it’s nice if they can all have a bit more one-two-one with the entertainer.

4 – 6 years — 15 – 25 children is perfect for one entertainer but up to 45 works just as well as long as you have two.

7+ — it really depends on the entertainment. For craft/making parties around 12 is perfect but for the team games party 15+ creates a great team atmosphere.

Do remember these are only a guide.  I know a mum who invites only the number of the birthday child’s age. So remember it’s what ever works for you and your family. Buttons is very used to creating bespoke entertainment options that will create magical moments and lots of laughter no matter he number of children.


If your not sure and need some advice on your invite list do give me a call on 07743896987 as I would be very happy to help.




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