A family friendly hotel – The Elms review

5th Nov 2012



Sorry for the lack of blogs last week. I was in Wales with my mum for her half term holiday.

On route we stopped at The Elms Hotel in Abberley, Worcestershire for two nights exploring and relaxing. We did take Tribly & Milo with us (our two border terriers) so it wasn’t the most relaxing break. They both ran around the room like nutters with there toys, wanted to go out to pee every minuet and had a barking competition with the dogs in the farm next door. The room we were in was ideal for them though as we had a front and back doors both leading on to little areas for the dogs and there was lots of space in the room for them to chill while we were at dinner.

I don’t usually review holiday destinations but I thought this one may be of interest to some of you. We picked the Elms because it was just 30 minuets from Ludlow, on the way to Anglesey and dog friendly.

The hotel is also however part of the luxury family hotel group and designed for family and children. The hotel had a lovely big entrance with crackling fire, big sofas wear parents were reading the paper and children playing board games, a snug room for the children with a games console and mini cinema, spa and pool, den in the garden for creche session, baby sitting and listing services and lots of grounds to explore.

Although there were a few service issues (I have worked in hotels so see everything) the staff were all very friendly and the facilities excellent for families. On Tuesday they had an animal man in and while I was the search for the DVD stash with Tribly, all the children were telling there parents about the meerkats, armadillos and other amazing animals they got to see ands touch. I was a bit jealous not to be in the think of the fun!


looking at home

lounge & children’s den


Dogs loving the soft beds. Mind that gap Trilby

Swimming pool and views from the garden


It was a great little breack and after parties yesterday I’m back in the Buttons HQ today getting back in the swing of things. Buttons has two  party slots left in November, the 24th and 25th AM so do let me know if we can help in any way.







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