Hot Party Themes for 2015

3rd Feb 2015


We will always have the classic party themes like Princesses, Pirates, Fairies and Superhero’s but each year we certainly see some new themes come though to shake things up.

Can anyone guess the biggest one for 2014?


Frozen drinks jars


Of course, Frozen. It doesn’t look like we will be ‘letting it go’ (sorry!) anytime soon either. Inspiration for party themes tends to come from Movies, T.V shows and Games.

My predictions for 2015 and themes are quite a mix. For boys we have already seen quite a few Ninja Turtle parties at Buttons and think this will carry on for a few more months. Other popular party themes will be Minions, Sponge Bob, and Dinosaurs.



For the girls I think Cinderella (have you seen the trailer, it looks fab) will be big along with spy parties and I think nature will play a big part this year with lots of woodland, glamping and animal inspired parties.



Has your child requested a party theme for this year yet? If so what Hot in your house?







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