Hot Party Food for Kids

23rd Feb 2015


I love a party spread as much as the next person, my favourite type of food is bits and bobs where you can dip in and out of things and go back for more. Fajitas, tapas ect.

You can find see my suggestions for party food platters and spread here but today I thought I would share some ideas for hot food options. Serving hot food does make it harder to over cater on the day. With a party mix of sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, baby bells ect you can end up eating the left overs all weekend.

Although this can add a tough more pressure on the party day with heating and serving in the long run it takes much less time.


Hot Party Food



Hot food

Pizza – you can order this in form a local delivery place or heat up yourself and serve.

Hot Dogs – a tray of sausages, buns and your away! Don’t forget the sauces

Pasta – I would go with a tomato style sauce and them one meat option with sauce or chicken and one plain or veg just in case. This can be pre made and them heated.

Burgers – Again you just need burgers and buns

Hot party food


Veg & Hot Sides

I would always have a few veg options on the table like baby tomato and carrot sticks as this ensures children have a little selection. Other sides to go with the above could include garlic bread, chips or wedges.

Remember to get some party cutlery if you have picked one of the above options that requires them and make sure you know when your entertainer is going to stop the children for food so that can have the food ready a few minuets before hand.

Have you served hot food at your child’s party? If so what and how did it go?

Ellie x


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