Home made marshmallow

16th Nov 2012


I didn’t even know you could make these at home.

The lovely Fiona who not only is one of my party mums (I have now entertainer at her daughters and two of her sons parties) she is also the owner of Flourish Studios the lovely company designed my brand and website.

She had a lovely jar of home made marshmallows on the party food table for the kids, they went down a storm. I thought this is something I have to try. Fiona used the River cottage recipe and so I followed suite.

You can find it though this link and if, like me you start making only to find that you can not find you sugar thermometer you will find this link very helpful!


Scrummy squares


perfect finger food


pop in hot chocolate or wrap for presents


I cant say they are the simplest thing I have made but they are worth it.

I’m off to meet the girls for dinner and have little parcels of mallow goodness to take with me.



2 Responses to “Home made marshmallow”

  1. Liz Burton says:

    Oh my word, they look AMAZING!

    • elliekelly says:

      Thank you Liz, the sugar syrup was a little tricky to make but well worth it. I wrapped them up and gave them to friends and they went down a storm so I’m going to do some more before Christmas.

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