Harry Potter Potion Party

22nd Dec 2013



This was one cool party!!!

I am such a big kid, I was so excited about this party for ages and kept showing anyone that came over to the house the potions/ experiments we were going to do.

My mum was the head of primary school science when I was younger and I loved all the cool stuff she did with the kids so I guess I take after her one this as well as a ton of other stuff.

I adapted the party to suite the theme and we made slime, bubbling smoke and even bubble bombs! We even had a potion quiz and the birthday mum had got all the children a harry potter cloak and made an amazing entrance (think running at a wall at platform 9 3/4) at the house.

Science Party


This is going to be a new party for 2014 so if your child loves to get messy hands and super cool things give us a call!



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