Halloween theming at home

26th Oct 2012


So book club was last night and it was as lovely as ever.

If you read this blog you will know I decided to theme the house for the evening. It started with a pumpkin off between me and Mr Kelly and it turned in to our house being fully Hallowed out.

 As you will see below Mr K always wins


My pumpkin is the patterned on at the top right and Mr Kelly’s is the amazing face bottom right.



I made the bat bunting, ghosts and spiders (see this blog) and the other props such as the grave yard sign, giant spider web, food table back drop and chain I brought from Morrison’s and a bargain they were.

I love having the house decorated and looking a bit different so I think it’s going to have to stay like this to keep me going until it’s time for Christmas decorations!

Have a great weekend everyone and have fun if you carving pumpkins.

p.s pop your photos on my facebook page if you do!





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