Halloween Party Playlist

29th Oct 2014


This week is all about Halloween for Buttons as I’m sure it is for lots of you.

We have already had two Halloween themed parties and we have 4 more on there way this week. We have some fab games planed such as spooky statues, apple bobbing and ghostly bumps.





But I wanted to share our Halloween playlist with you today. We have a mix of great songs for games (fast with a great beat) and a mix for background music during party food, we even have some classics in there for the parents.


Monster Mash

Casper the friendly ghost

Ghost Busters – all the dads will be singing along to this one!

Purple people eater

Doc Who theme tune



Time Warp

Buffy the Vampire theme tune

Ghost Town

Ding Dong the Which is dead

The Adams family

Somebody’s watching me

Little shop of horrors

Harry Potter theme tune

Which Doctor

Bat out of hell

Devil woman


There is a great selection of Halloween C’D on itunes and we have a couple but I do like to pick and mix the party playlist’s. What goes on your Halloween playlist?


Have a spooky week guys!



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