Giggling, Nail Painting, A Red Carpet and Twirls

17th Oct 2012


I was booked for a Catwalk party last Sunday and it was a fab as I hoped it would be.

The birthday girls auntie booked it with me as she was helping out her sister, they were after something fun, energetic and special for 20, 10 year olds.

This party is all about having a great girlie time & growing self confidence. I make sure it is not about girls growing up to fast. I am all for making sure each child has a childhood.



What we do:

Each girls comes with a few of there favorite clothes and we collate them into three treads. Such as glamour, weekend cool, party, chilled beach or winter warmers. We then have tons of fun listening to there favorite songs and picking one for each trend.

On Sunday it was One Direction – Live while we’re young, The Saturdays – Notorious and Maroon 5 – Moves like Jagger.

Next up we practice our walks down the red carpet and do some pose practice. From high fives to twirls we have it all. When we start I tell them that they don’t have to walk down on there own if they don’t want to.  By the end of it though every girl has grown in confidence and will do at least one trend solo.

Once we have done a rehearsal it’s time for party food and some good ol girlie chatting. After party food they paint each others nails while we help with a bit of eye shadow and lip gloss before the dress rehearsal.

Parents are invited to pop back early to watch the show and as you can imagine the dressing room is crazy with outfit changes and giggling. On Sunday the birthday mum took a photo of each girl at the end of the carpet and she is going to send them out after the party which I thought was a great touch and would be ideal as a thank you card.

Lots of the girls left saying it was the best party ever and asked if I could do one for them, so I think it was a hit! The birthday girl and her mum and auntie were really pleased with how it all went and I left with a very big smile and sore cheeks from to much laughing.

It’s parties like that that make me want to shout “I have the best job ever!”



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