Fun in the Sun

20th Aug 2012


Let me paint the picture for you.

It was around 29 degrees (i.e hot), we were in a green garden with lots of lovely apples trees sat in rows forming the perfect race track and that also that cast some much needed shade.

For the children there was a mini bouncy castle, hook the duck, bubbles and two ladies ready to play, one of these ladies had with a water spritz gun perfect to cooling down.

For the adults there was a pimms tent, patio over looking the garden and time to chat and relax.

This party has to go down as one of my favorites. Yes it was very hot, but it was so nice to be outside working on such a lovely day. I was booked to entertain at Ellie’s 5th birthday and Stevie was with me to help the great group of 29 kids.

The theme was a garden fete with some traditional games. We started with bubbles and a some cooling down (i.e water spraying) and then the egg and spoon race, musical statutes, a Pitt stop for drinks and then the good old sack race. The children were great fun and got totally involved in the games. We had lots of cheering (sorry to the neighbours) and the end results was one to the blue team and one to the pink.

Birthday mum put on a great spread of hot dogs, veg sticks, fruit and then the children went to visit Ellie’s shop to fill little paper bags with sweets. Yum!



For the second section of the party the children played with the hook the duck and other games and had there faces painted. By the end, I know me and Stevie were ready for a cold shower but we had a great afternoon.

If you had a party on the weekend I would love to see your photos and hear about games you played. Pop them to me at


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