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24th Jun 2013


Hi everyone,

Sorry for the blog silence this week. June is a crazy busy party month for Buttons we have 10 parties this weekend! So I have been lost in a world of details to ensure each one goes off with out a hitch.

We have orders for party theming, table ware, new music and magic going out today as well as getting kits ready for all the entertainers to collect. We have lots of Fun & Games parties going on this weekend as well as a Chocolate making party in London and a Mermaid party in Surrey.

Our Fun & Games parties are our most popular party and ideal for children aged 3-6 years old. They are a mix of traditional and new party games with balloon modelling, bubbles and magic.

We love the old party games like musical bumps and duck, duck goose but we also love the giggles and fun that a magic brings to the party so always have a mini magic show. We also have some new party games using parachutes and lots of themed games up our sleeves.

I think one of the reasons they are so popular is because we fit so much in to them, the children don’t have time to get bored of any one game and they all get to win a prize for something they do. We don’t play any games that leave the children sitting on the side line (where is the fun in that!). We also have lots of music and ensure that can shot of there best dance moves and end each party on a high with the good old hockey cokey.

Does your child have a favourite party game?


Kate Griffin Photography_Surrey Family Photographer_Buttons Childrens Parties Hampshire_08

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