Fancy Dress

20th Jun 2012


Fancy dress.

These words bring dread and a cold sweat for some, but to others pure joy. Id have to say I sit more with the first group. I’m not really a dressing up person, unless all that is needed is a bit of styling around the edges. Western party = cowboy hat, cute floral dress & cowboy boots.

To be fair though I had to dress up for one of my jobs so I think I just all out of dress up. I have been many princesses including Ariel. A pirate, Peppa the pig & a space woman to name but a few. Oh if I had the photos to share.

But we are not here today for adult fancy dress, oh no this is all about the super duper cute fancy dress outfits available for children. Now this I love!

I have seen hundreds of children dressed up and it does not tire of being cute. Do you remember the John Lewis Christmas ad from last year. I drew breath when I saw the little child in the gruffalo outfit. Soo cute.

Today I wanted to share some fancy dress outfits I have come across from two companies that offer a great choice.

First up is Libby from The Dressing Up Chest, Libby started her business three years ago and hand makes all her dressing up and dance outfits. “Many parents work full time and don’t sew – I thought I could offer something different from the high street. I make quality costumes with unique designs that can be worn as regularly as clothes.”


I love this baby clown outfit! It’s got the arrrr factor.

Baby Clown

Baby Clown - arrr


Fancy Dress

top left: Dorothy & Dot, Peter pan and Nursery rhyme

I recognise this game, bit of musical statues hear me thinks



that sweet is mine, im not moving a muscle


As well as all of the above Libby is happy to make bespoke outfits and costumes. Give her a call or email if your child loves to dress up and you looking for something unique.


Next is Party Delights – As well as all the other party goodies they stock, Party Delights also have a huge range of children’s dressing up outfits and below are but a few of my favourites.

Alice & Astronaut

Alice & Astronaut


I love this dragon outfit! The popping eyes and red wings and tail are fab.


Dragon fancy dress



As well as the classic’s like pirates, Party Delights also has some unusual fancy dress outfits like this Buzzzy Bee

Bee & Pirate

Buzzzz - Arrrrr


To see Party Delights full range pop over to there site, it’s worth a look just for the monster outfits.


I hope this has given you some ideas for you child’s next party theme and dress up.

Ellie Kelly

8 Responses to “Fancy Dress”

  1. Janne Ford says:

    I bought a fabulous Jubilee skirt for my daughter from The Dressing Up Chest last month. So lovely to have something individual and unique. Janne x

  2. Humor News says:

    Wow Excellent blog!

  3. These are great fancy dress costumes. There is more and more cheaper bad quality fancy dress costumes appearing on the market. But you can still get affordable quality outfits as displayed above. Great post!

  4. Lou says:

    So you know the solution to the claudia winkleman situation. Her daughter set on fire ina asupermarket nylon outfit. Apparently they have a CE mark but the CE mark is applicable to toys and somehow has received the all clear under fancy dress, its a disgrace. I don’t want my child in a walking fire hazard. What are your thoughts on this? Thx v much 🙂

    • elliekelly says:

      Hi Lou,

      Yes I do, I was following it on social media. So scary! I believe the supermarkets have now said they are going to increase there testing on all children’s fancy dress costumes so that’s great. It’s mad that pyjamas have to pass strict fire hazard tests and costumes do / did not.

      I would still read the labels before buy is buy from someone like the Dressing Up chest (link in blog) who make them from scratch and can advise on all the materials used.

      I do believe most supermarkets are now changing there testing standards which is great.

  5. Lou says:

    Sorry, I mean “Do” you know

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