Fabric Party Bags

23rd Sep 2013


Well another lovely weekend of parties. I have actually had parties going on since last Thursday with one at a School in East Mosley, a Chocolate party in South Kensington on Friday, a Fairy party in Banstead on Saturday and a Decopatch party on Sunday in Chiddingfold.

Yesterdays party was for a group of 20 children most of whom where 8 and we were Decopatching for the first section, then while the children had party food we, (myself and Stevie) tided away and set up for some great team party games such as the smartie race and strawberry lace challenge. While I play games with the children Stevie was running the nail bar so all the girls could have their nails painted.

It was a lovely party and the kids had a great time. They all did really well on their crafts, even the birthday girls younger brother and his friend really got in tot he swing of it and they all now have their first initial, Decopatched in the pattern of their choice to stand in their rooms.

Buttons supplied fabric party bags with personalised tags and chic chocolate bars with a thank you message from the birthday girl on the front. The party mum was really delighted with them and they look really cute hanging on our pink jewellery stand.


Fabric party bags


We even got sent home with scones and a slice of cake. Mr Kelly was pretty happy I can tell you.





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