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15th May 2013


With the wonderful world of social media myself and Rachael (creator of Pink Blue & You) have been chatting dogs, websites, blogs and photos over the past few weeks. Rachael lives in Cirencester with her husband, two little girls and Humphery the dog.

Rachael creates truly lovey photomontages with injections of colour by cropping and bringing to life your much loved photos. She ensures they escape your computer, photo albums and phones to find the perfect place in your home or the home of a loved one as a gift.

Rachael is currently creating such a piece of art of Myself and Mark of little Milo. We have lots of great photos of him up to mischief, sleeping in crazy positions, playing in the snow and generally looking uber cute but they currently all live on our phones, which seems a shame.

Rachael get lots of orders as gifts and with Fathers Day racing towards us (16th June), I thought I would share with you some of her work. Dads can be pretty tricky to buy for can’t they and I think a personal photomontage of your little ones (kids or pets) would be a fantastic way to treat daddy on his special day.





I asked Rachael a few questions about her work and how it all started. I’m nosey like that.

When and why did you set up Pink Blue & You?
Pink Blue & You started life in 2011, from my dining room table, working around my 2 young daughters who were 4 and 2 at the time. I started my own business for several reasons; job satisfaction, combining my creative talents with my lust for learning, being able to work from home (and get a dog!); ultimately making the most of the time I needed to be around to bring up my children without going stir-crazy!!
What do you love most about creating your photo art?
It’s true, new parents take literally hundreds of photos of their babies. And we were no exception to this; I’m sure we took a photo of our first daughter ever day of her life, until our second came along! But what do we do with all these photos? To me it seems like a waste to leave them on the computer or in an album, photos are for sharing with friends and relatives, for reminiscing and remembering cherished moments. And this is what I love most about creating Pink Blue & You custom-made photomontages; transforming people’s cherished memories and special moments into a piece of contemporary photo art. I love hearing how one of my montages has made Mummies, Daddies, Grandmas, Granddad’s, Aunts and Uncles very happy (and sometimes cry!), that’s the ultimate in job satisfaction for me.
And although Pink Blue & You started life with photos of babies and children, the business has developed and I now design montages of weddings (using the couples wedding colour palette), pets, holidays, events such as the London Olympics, and in memory of loved ones (both people and pets).



If you would like more information about Rachael’s work pop over to the website for a good look around and to see more about the costs and size options. She also has some great advice on colours.

I cant wait to get ours of Milo and will share it with you as soon as it arrives!



One Response to “Eye Spy…. Pink Blue & You”

  1. Hi Ellie and friends,
    I just wanted to say thank you to Ellie for blogging about Pink Blue & You. I stubbled across Ellie’s website via Twitter and fell in love with her style, if I lived in Hampshire I’d be celebrating my girlies birthdays with Buttons Parties, everything looks such fun. I got chatting to Ellie about her website (fab isn’t it?) and her puppy, I’m smitten with these photos of Milo, I wish I had a little dog to cuddle!!
    Order by Sunday 2nd June if you’d like to commission a montage for Father’s Day, photos of Daddies little angles, Daddy’s pride and joy or Daddy’s pet monster 😉
    I look forward to hearing from you!

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