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7th Jun 2013


Eye spy…. is a bit late this week due to a certain birthday blog on Wednesday (Buttons was 2 if you missed it)

I sound like a broken record but when racking my brain to think when and where I first heard about Childs Farm, I came to the conclusion it was on Twitter. Please feel free to correct me if that’s wrong ladies of Childs Farm as it sound like I spend half my life on there at the moment.

If you have not heard of Childs Farm before let me do an Introduction.

Childs Farm was created by Joanna Jensen after she struggled to find natural hair products for her girls. The companies by line is “As natural as your country side” and once you read about the ingredients and smell the range you will see why. I love it when a product can take you somewhere else and Joanna manages to do just that. Straight to her farm with the ponies, dogs, barns and fresh air, all in a bottle. I had a chat with Joanna about how it all started and why.


Childs Farm


  • One thing that people love about your products is the smell. How do you come up with the fragrance combinations such as Strawberry and organic mint?

We use organic essential oils for their healing properties,  as well for their fantastic fragrance.  My kids love the combination of strawberry and organic mint,  and of course mint is fantastic for itchy or sore scalps.  We use Organic Tangerine and Organic Sweet Orange as they have the same properties as Lavender – so soothing and calming – and are not harsh on young skin like lavender.  They also smell wonderful – so much so,  we call them ‘Happy Juice’ here because they just make you feel great!  Essential oils are very powerful,  so we only use those which you could put neat on a child’s skin and not cause any harm.

  • What was the motivator to starting Child Farm and how have you found the whole experience so far?

A lack of natural products for my own children.  We tried all sorts of fully organic products,  that didn’t work and made them smell of mung beans and flip flops! I wanted something that kids wanted to use,  and that mum’s can trust.  

Running your own business is not for the feint of heart,  but our customers and their amazing feedback keep us going!
  • All you products are organic, was this really important to you from the start and how easy has it been in the current market to source organic ingredients?
Our products are natural with organic essential oils.  About 95% of our ingredients are on the Soil Association Approved list,  meaning we are the cleanest kids product on the market.  To go fully organic is expensive,  and experience has shown it doesn’t work.  It is important to us that we are as natural as we can be,  but still do the important jobs of detangling etc.  Being eczema friendly is a by-product of being so natural.
  • What do you love most about your job?
Every day is different,  and I am learning all the time.

Childs Farm

Buttons hosts quite a few parties around the home of Childs Farm and we have a few of the same clients. I know from these mums that they love the range and Childs Farm now have stores such as Harrods and John Lewis stocking there range and hotels such as The Mandarin Oriental supplying there miniatures.  Impressive hu! For more info in how to get your hands one some this is a link to there site.

Well done to all at Childs Farm! It’s lovely to see you grow and very inspiration for other business owners.


I’m off to get ready for a party this afternoon and a jam packed weekend – Have a fab one what ever your up to 🙂



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  1. Jason says:

    Great products for children

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