Eye spy…. A spring fair

24th Apr 2013


Little Hampshire is in Fullerton near Andover and is hosting a spring fair tomorrow morning 8.30am – 12.30pm. If you have never heard of this fantastic little shop before take a look at there website.

They specialise in “Pre-loved, beautiful designer and great quality high street clothes for girls and boys 0-15 years”. The setting is pretty beautiful as well and in there barn tomorrow will be a host of local companies from Little Bee Bakery to Childs Farm and Lucy Riley Photography to Buttons Children’s Parties!

Yep I am going to be getting up early burly and am looking forward to meeting lots of new faces as well as I’m sure, lots of familiar faces. I have now done quite a few parties in this area so it’s becoming a little home away from home.

If you live in the area or fancy a drive do pop over and say hi while you look though there stunning collection of clothes for the little people in your life.




P.S Don’t forget to vote for Buttons as Best Children’s Party Entertainment in the What’s on 4 awards.

Just follow this link   and we are in the 4th category from the bottom.

Thank you!

What's on 4



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