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1st May 2013



How do you describe blogging? I did ask Wiki to see what it would say but that didn’t help at all.

I have read books and magazine for most of my life so blogging is pretty new in comparison. I think I have been reading blogs of different descriptions for around 3/4 years. I really got in to them two years ago when I started Buttons. I knew I wanted one and Ellie Kelly has now been live for 13 months. Totally missed it’s birthday.

A lot of the blogs I read are creative, cover parties and events and written by parents. The first blog I fell in love with and avidly read every week is Flower Fairies & Fairy Cakes by Elsie Button. Elsie make’s me laugh out loud with her tails of family life and her two girl in the county.

I now tend to skip around blogs quite a lot depending what mood I’m in and of course how much time I have.  I do have one blog that I always check in on and this is the blog I wanted to share with you today.

I have mentioned this blog a couple of times before here and the author has even guest posted for me.

This is Lucy and her family. Her wonderful blog is called Capture by Lucy.


Capture by Lucy



Lucy is a mum of two boys and loves to capture daily life with one of her many cameras. She has only been blogging for around a year but has already been nominated for 4 blogging awards! Amazing.

From following her on twitter, facebook and of course the blog it seems like she has found a second home in blogging land and is making some life long friends. Lucy for me captures everything amazing and great about social media and blogging. She uses it to share her passions, inspire others, make records she and her children can look back on for years to come and help others. She is extremely supportive of other bloggers.

Now, I should tell you that I did know Lucy before she started Capture by Lucy. She is the big sister of my bestie from school. Natalie and I went to the same primary school, and were pretty much inseparable in secondary. Staring businesses, changing jobs, getting married, moving and in her case having a beautiful little girl means we now sadly don’t see as much of each other. So it was by chance I was looking though a blog one day (not knowing who had written it) when I came across a photo of Lucy, Natalie and Patrick (there younger brother) in our primary school uniform. I was delighted when everything clicked into place and I realised what was going on.

I think I am even more happy for the success Lucy has been having with her blog because I know her as it’s always fantastic when someone you know is doing really well for themselves and going out and getting there dreams. I don’t think it makes me love her blog any more than I would if I didn’t know her though. That is why I wanted to share it with you all.

If you have not read Capture by Lucy before I urge you to take some time this week and have a good look around. Lucy does some fantastic crafty projects with her boys, she creates AMZING Bento lunch’s (if you don’t know what these are you must see), shares her never ending party plans for her boys birthdays (if she lived closer she would be a Button’s Girl) and shares her inspirations.



You may have noticed at the end of my blog’s a little plea for your votes for Buttons. Today I’m asking for you to vote for Lucy though. She has been shortlisted in the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging awards. You can vote for her here and she is in Craft and Photo.








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