Emergency Blanket – Sensory Baby Play

20th Apr 2017


I got this top play tip from my NCT friend Kim and it has been one of Neive’s favorite baby play things since she was around 5 months old.

An Emergency blanket! They cost about £1.50 so a total bargain for hours of baby play fun. I got mine from Amazon in packs of two and they have lasted ages.

Baby sensory also use these so they are an actual thing 🙂

Just unfold it and put it on the floor. When she was little i put her on top of the blanket and she loved kicking her legs on it and then crushing it up in her hands as it makes a very satisfying crunch and crackle noise.

When she started rolling she would roll around and round in it to make a little space cave and now she pulls and pushes it around the room.

I didn’t ever leave Neive with this as she does like putting it in her mouth and she could also get quite rolled up in it.

My top tip, when your baby has really had a good play with it and it nice a cracked sit underneath it with them. Its like you’re under Harry Potter invisibility cloak!


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