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10th Apr 2013


I have been talking to a few mums over the last few weeks about email invites. Mainly because it’s Easter so everyone is off school and possibly away on holiday an email invite has seemed the best way to get the invitations out there fast.

When asked my advice I have been saying that I know clients who have used them and never heard any negative feedback about this style of invite. I did suggest a follow up note in a school bag might be needed though. I’m not to sure if these invite would end up in some spam folders and also if people would delete them with out opening them due to thinking they are spam.

What do you think?

I though I would do a little tester for you and picked the fist company on google list when I searched email invite.


It was easy to download and it free so a good start!

I selected birthday designs and of course I picked a premium design which would have meant I had to sign up and start paying $40 a year. So I went back and picked a free design, you can select to only see the free ones so it is nice and clear. I then played with the music, colours and text, added in my message and email address and hit send.



easy peasy

Smile Box

a selection



As I suspected however it did go strait in to my spam folder in Hotmail which is a bit of a bummer. I know I normally just delete all my spam in my person email with out really looking at it.

One way to avoid your lovely invite being deleted as spam would be to pick a really good subject line. I have popped a few suggestions below for you.

  • Special invite for Josh Smith’s Party (it will help if they see a name they know)
  • Children from year 3 LVS school come and celebrate with Josh (use of he school name will help)
  • Josh Smith is turning 6 and we would love it if you could come to his party
  • A party invite for Emily from Josh (use of the child’s name you are inviting will also help)


I would love to hear from you if you have sent or received an email invite. Pop me a message below and tell me what you though of them and who you used.





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