Easy Woodland Wands

23rd Nov 2017


I’m all about making little magical moments every day. My job involves creating big magical moments for children that take weeks, something months of planning but I do believe in filling everyday with little bits of magic as well.

I don’t have tons of time, show me a parent who does. So, my daily magic needs to be easy, fast and fun.

These woodland wands coved all the above.

On our last family walk stuffed a few bits of pre-cut wool in my pocket before we stumbled out of the door over each other. While Neive was busy investing myself and Mark were on the lookout for tickle stick bits. Neive is too little for fairy wands, elf sticks or wizard wands, but tickle sticks are just up her street. She is also too little to make them, but older children will love the search for sticks and ends as much as the play so get them on the lookout.

We got collected four little sticks and some good tickle items such as leaves, pine needles and other little branches and while wandering around tied them to the ends of the sticks.

Then when it looked like Nevie was starting to wonder off a bit we showed them to her and started a nice game of tickle me.

What magic will your kids come up with.



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