Dry ice amazingness

14th Mar 2014


I have just been testing out a new dry ice experiment in the garden, in which I got totally and utterly soaked and I am so flippin excited!

One, becase no dry ice went in my eye and caused lasting damade and two because I cant wait to show the kids at tomorrows Harry Potter party, my new tricks! Fear not I will have adapted the one I just tested so I don’t look like a wet scare crow at the end.

I knew a few pretty cool (if I do say so myself) experiments with dry ice before and at the end of last year I introduced them into Buttons ever growing range of parties. These experiments work so well for a Science, Harry Potter and Army theme and I have used them with all three and received great feedback from kids and parents.

Tomorrow is a Harry Potter party for a 8 year old boy and were doing potion making for the first half. I have the eye balls in glass jars already to go.

I have not long been back from getting the dry ice. While I was there I got chatting to one of the guys at the company about the work he does with schools and he showed me three new tricks to test out.

I stopped off on the way home and got the new bits I need and get to work. Pretty easy stuff. Sports lidded water bottle and a innocent micro noddle pot. The first was pretty amazing and once I have devised away to stay out of the line of fire it will be perfect. The other I need Mr Kelly to get home for as I need a hole drilling and that he field of expertise. I will let you know how this once goes next week.







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