Dream party food spread (if under 11)

25th Feb 2013


This is me (at the end of the table) when I was around 3, this is the day I learn to put Hoola Hoops on my fingers.


The day I learnt hoola hoop hands!

The day I learnt hoola hoop hands!


It’s hardly surprising that with my job I see a lot of party food, From the 6 or so years I have been working in the children’s party industry + my time as a child at parties I think I may have finally made a decision on my dream party menu if I were under 11 or having a less than grown up day.

Are you ready? This has taken years of work and research.

  • Drinks: It has to be juice (orange and apple) & a smoothie.
  • For Savory: Warm sausage rolls, hoola hoops (you can put them on your fingers!), selection of sandwiches to inc grated cheese and marmite. Carrot and cucumber batons with hummus, baby tomatoes and mini sausages.
  • For Sweet: Chocolate fingers, strawberries & grapes OR a Sweetie table OR an Ice cream bar with sauces and sprinkles.

OK, a bit of a fail on the decision making for dessert but there are to many options.

What do your children ask for at there birthday party?

What do you nibble of there plate!?





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